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30 March 2020

3 ways to order during lockdown

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30 March 2020

Smoking doesnt care about you. But we do.

FOLLOWING A SIGNIFICANT 4.5% DECLINE IN THE NUMBER OF SMOKERS IN SHEFFIELD IN 2017/2018, SMOKEFREE SHEFFIELD IS PUSHING ON WITH THEIR AMBITION THIS NEW YEAR WITH A NEW ADVERT IN A BID TO ENCOURAGE MORE SMOKERS TO QUIT THIS JANUARY. The advert from Smokefree Sheffield, is told from the perspective of those who have lost someone from smoking, tells the people of Sheffield that “smoking doesn’t care about you, but we do”. With 1 in 2 people in the UK who smoke dying...
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26 March 2020

Breakfast is served

For years vape companies have tried to invent new flavour combinations to wow us and tickle out taste buds. This year Mirage will be launching it's brand new Breakfast Range! Everyone loves breakfast and although we could have gone down the...
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23 March 2020

Yorkshire Smokefree My 20 Year Journey

Maggie Milne is one of the Service Managers here at Yorkshire Smokefree. She’s worked for the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust for a number of years, but her earliest experience of the stop smoking service was not as...
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16 March 2020

Smoking rates fall significantly in Sheffield

This positive news is welcome by all Smokefree Sheffield Partners across the city who are working to achieve a smokefree generation. Smokefree Sheffield, a three-year initiative is commissioned by Sheffield City Council as part of the current...
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09 March 2020

Sheffield Tobacco Control Strategy 2017- 2022

Overview Sheffield City Council and partners are currently refreshing the Tobacco Control Strategy for 2017-2022. Why Smoking? Smoking is still the biggest killer in the UK and is the biggest cause of health inequalities...
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01 March 2020

How bad is nicotine for your body.

We all know what nicotine is right? It's the addictive substance found in tobacco. It's a little like caffeine and cocaine as in it  it’s a alkaloid and contains nitrogen. It gives you a bit of a 'high' and raises...
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07 February 2020

IBVTA responds to ITV 'Is Your Vape Safe'

Last night ITV aired a programme called 'How safe is your vape'. The 30 min documentary contained a lot of...
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03 February 2020

New Year - New Prices

For over 12 years Mirage has delivered quality products.    We have...
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07 January 2019

Should I get a Mech Mod

When we look at mods, we're finding ourselves asking a straightforward question - regulated or mech mod? As a topic, it involves a lot of debate in the community - people are always arguing about which is better and what is more useful to...
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