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09 March 2020

Sheffield Tobacco Control Strategy 2017- 2022

Overview Sheffield City Council and partners are currently refreshing the Tobacco Control Strategy for 2017-2022. Why Smoking? Smoking is still the biggest killer in the UK and is the biggest cause of health inequalities between rich and poor [i] . We have made good progress in tackling tobacco both nationally and locally however we cannot say the job is done when we still have approximately 79,260 [ii]  smokers in the city.  Tobacco kills 16 people per...
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01 March 2020

How bad is nicotine for your body.

We all know what nicotine is right? It's the addictive substance found in tobacco. It's a little like caffeine and cocaine as in it  it’s a alkaloid and contains nitrogen. It gives you a bit of a 'high' and raises your heart rate. But even though we all know what it is there are a lot of misconceptions about what it actualy does to our bodies and if it can actually harm us.   One of the biggest questions is 'does nicotene causes cancer?'...
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07 February 2020

IBVTA responds to ITV 'Is Your Vape Safe'

Last night ITV aired a programme called 'How safe is your vape'. The 30 min documentary contained a lot of...
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03 February 2020

New Year - New Prices

For over 12 years Mirage has delivered quality products.    We have...
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07 January 2019

Should I get a Mech Mod

When we look at mods, we're finding ourselves asking a straightforward question - regulated or mech mod? As a topic, it involves a lot of debate in the community - people are always arguing about which is better and what is more useful to...
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18 December 2018

Understanding Nic Salts

Nic Salts - Your Handy Guide   So, Nic Salts. As a trend, they've taken over a lot of the vaping community already. As starter kits are currently rapidly becoming much more pod oriented, it's not uncommon to see nic salts around...
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11 December 2018

Smok R-Kiss Kit Review

In the advent of rebuildables and high wattage sub-ohm mechanical devices taking massive leaps forward in terms of design and functionality, many well known companies who produce more common kits and mods have also begun to take these...
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04 December 2018

How to clean your vape mod

How to Clean and Look After Your Vape Mod   Vape mods are great, aren’t they? However, cleaning your device isn’t always easy. There’s often no pre-set instructions on what to do, which is why a guide would be...
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03 December 2018

Voopoo Drag 2 Kit Review

Today, there are many very well-rounded sub-ohm mods and kits available to buy and choose from. One of the most acclaimed devices to appear over the last twelve months in the eyes of users and critics alike was Voopoo’s highly...
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27 November 2018

Why we loved CBD

Have you heard about CBD oil? Chances are that you may have. CBD oil is made from cannabidiol, which is one of the over 100 cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis. It Is not only known as an oil, which can be ingested, but also as a part...
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