Aspire Flexus AIO Kit


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Prescsion, Style & Compact Performance.

The Aspire Flexus AIO kit is a powerful all-in-one vaping device designed for DTL and RDTL vaping. It's built with a mix of both tough Zinc Alloy & high-quality PCGT plastic. Containing a sizable and all-day use 2000mAh battery for lasting and efficient power, as well as an in-built USB Type-C charging port that is rated to 2 Amps, the Flexus AIO kit offers lightning-fast recharging speeds when paired with a 1 Amp or 2 Amp USB wall plug (Sold Separately) that makes recharging quick, easy and dynamic. and easy.

Weighing in a little over 120 grams, the Flexus AIO kit provides a simplistic, easy-to-use, fashionable and extremely nimble all-in-one vaping experience. With it’s compact and ergonomic design, the Flexus AIO is an ideal kit for anyone who wishes to find a reliable, powerful and stylish kit without making any compromises or sacrifices with size and portability. Featuring Aspire’s world renowned technological craftsmanship as well as the most up-to-date and efficient onboard circuitry, the Flexus AIO makes for one of the perfect blends of both style, portability & vaping power.

Designed specifically for use with Aspire’s extremely popular AF mesh coil platform, the Flexus AIO kit delivers exceptional performance for both Direct-To-Lung vapers as well as Restricted Direct-To-Lung users who prefer Nicotine Salts E-Liquids or a lighter style of vaping. When using the Aspire AF 0.6Ω coil, you can experience a smooth & flavoursome taste with a hearty full-bodied kick of vapour production. Whereas when using the Aspire AF 1.0Ω coil, you can find a more delicate and laid-back approach to vaping which is ideal for everybody who prefers a more regular style of power setting.

Speaking of power settings, the Flexus AIO kit offers the user a choice between three separate power settings that are automatically pre-configured and optimised to obtain the best from your selected Aspire AF coils. By pressing the “Power Select” button in the middle of the device’s faceplate, you can choose between three pre-set power modes:
Low Level: The lowest power setting for vapour production.
(The LED indicator will flash RED twice when active)
Mid-Level: A “middle of the road” power setting for regular use.
(The LED indicator will flash BLUE twice when active)
High Level: The highest power setting for those who wish to feel a little more kick.
(The LED indicator will flash GREEN twice when active)

The device also allows you to keep an eye on your current available battery charge in real-time thanks to it’s onboard 3-Bar LED battery life indication system, thus ensuring that you are always able to instantly check your remaining battery life wherever you go and manage your recharging times with complete simplicity.


As for the included pod tank, the Flexus AIO’s magnetic pod features a brilliant 360° accessible, mess-free top filling cap design that will allow you to unscrew your cap and refill your device on-the-go without constantly having to unscrew your tank from the battery base, turn upside down to fill or fiddle around trying to pull open a small filling bung. Simply unscrew and fill away free of fuss!

Aspire has also included a number of now as-standard features into their new AIO pod design. This includes the ability to select between auto-draw inhale modes by simply taking a draw on the device which eliminates the need to push a fire button. Or if you’re old-school like me and prefer a firm click button to fire your device, you can tailor the Flexus AIO perfectly to your vaping style.

As always, Aspire have also made the airflow adjustment as straightforward and easy to change as possible courtesy of the AIO Pod’s fully rotating and simple to use tank airflow control feature. By twisting the pod tank to the left or to the right once inserted onto the device, you can precisely control and calibrate your airflow configuration to what’s perfect for you.



- Sturdy Zinc Alloy & PCTG Construction
- 2000mAh Internal Battery
- Output Power: 3-Level Wattage Adjustment
- USB Type-C Onboard Charging (2 Amp)
- Auto-Draw or Button Activated
- Easy Top-Filling Design
- Ideal for DTL & RDTL Vapers
- Compatable with 0.6Ω & 1.00Ω Aspire AF Coils
- Short Circuit Protection
- Low Voltage Protection
- Overcharge & Over discharge protection



x1 Aspire Flexus AIO Device
x1 Aspire Flexus AIO Pod (2ml)
x1 AF Mesh Coil (0.6ohm)
x1 AF Mesh Coil (1.0ohm)
x1 USB Type-C Charging Cable
1x User Manual

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