Aspire AF Coils

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Meshed coils specifically designed for the Aspire Flexus Pod range, available in both 0.6 Ohm and 1.0 Omh, these easy to use 'push to fit coils' are compatible with both the Flexus Q, Flexus Stik and Flexus Blok pods. 

As with all all coils, please make sure to prime it before use. Pull through the liquid without firing your device and allow the liquid to soak into your coil for 5 to 10 minutes.
0.6 Ohm Wattage Range: 15-18w
1.0 Ohm Wattage Range: 12-15w
Compatible with:
-Aspire Flexus Q
-Aspire Flexus AIO Kit
-Aspire Flexus Stik

The Aspire AF Coil Range


Aspire AF 0.6Ω Coil

Aspire AF 1.0Ω Coil
Compatible Tanks & Devices Aspire Flexus Q / Aspire Flexus Stick / Aspire Flexus Blok Kit Aspire Flexus Q / Aspire Flexus Stick / Aspire Flexus Blok Kit
Coil Material Mesh Mesh
Recommended Vaping Style RDTL MTL
Recommended Power 15W - 18W 12W - 15W
Recommended E-liquid Type High-VG / Standard / Nic Salts Standard / Nic Salts
Recommended E-Liquid Ratio (VG/PG) 70VG/30PG - 50VG/50PG 50VG/50PG
Recommended Nicotine Strength 0mg - 6mg (Standard & High-VG) / 0mg - 20mg (Nic Salts) 0mg - 18mg (Standard) / 0mg-20mg (Nic Salts)

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