Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit - Blueberry Sour Raspberry


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Blueberry Sour RaspberryA smooth, sweet combination of two popular summer berries with an extra sour kick.



The Official Lost Mary rechargeable pod kit is finally here!

The Lost Mary Tappo is a rechargeable prefilled pod kit from Lost Mary. The Tappo kit makes use of pre-filled pods, with all the same E-Liquid flavours that are found in Lost Mary’s super popular disposable devices. The Tappo kit offers portable convenience, saves you money in the long-run over using traditional disposables and offers environmental advantages in a pocket friendly, stylish and user-friendly design.

The Lost Mary Tappo kit is a very similar size and form factor to the Lost Mary BM600 Disposable devices, making the Tappo a familiar experience for those transitioning from the wildly popular disposable vape.

The iconic matchbox-shaped Lost Mary design is just 66mm x 53mm in dimension, yet is still packed with a powerful 750mah rechargeable battery capable of providing well over a full days’ vaping time on a single charge.

The onboard USB Type-C charging port located on the base of the device ensures fast and convenient charge times, whilst the built-in LED indicator light on the front of the device will notify you of your current battery levels and remaining power.

The Tappo kit sports a premium, shiny metallic finish and is available in multiple colour options including: Dark Bronze, Blue Green, Stainless Steel and Green Pink.

The Dark Bronze Tappo kit arrives pre-packaged with a Blue Sour Raspberry Disposable Tappo Pod

The Blue Green Tappo kit arrives pre-packaged with a Lemon Lime Disposable Tappo Pod

The Stainless Steel Tappo kit arrives pre-packaged with a Strawberry Ice Disposable Tappo Pod

The Green Pink Tappo kit arrives pre-packaged with a Watermelon Disposable Tappo Pod

Once your initial, included pod has run out of E-Liquid, you can choose to replace it from the wide range of flavours in the range and can be found by clicking here.

Launching with an initial 15 and compatible with the Elfa Pro Pods, you’ll be sure to find your favourite flavour with the Tappo kit. Staplemark Lost Mary flavours such as Strawberry Ice & Spearmint are available right away. On top of the wide selection of available fruit flavours, the Tappo kit also plays host to a broad selection of tobacco flavours such as USA Mix and Cuba Tobacco.


As mentioned, one amazing advantage of the Lost Mary Tappo kit is 100% cross-compatibility with the Elf Bar ELFA Pro Disposable Pod range. This huge benefit allows you can double your potential flavour selection and use your favourite Elf Bar ELFA Pro disposable pods on both the Lost Mary Tappo kit as well as the new Lost Mary Tappo pods meaning you’ll never be short on choice when finding your next all-day flavour!  

Another big advantage of the Tappo kit over traditional disposable devices are the new pods themselves. Each Tappo and Elfa Pro pod is equipped with the new QUAQ Mesh Coil technology, promising exquisite and long-lasting flavours from the first puff to the last.

Pods are sold in packs of two, with each pod containing 2ml of E-Liquid (the same amount as found in a regular disposable device) and contain enough reserves to provide up to 600 puffs from each pod. The Lost Mary Tappo pre-filled pods offer significant savings over equivalent, non-rechargeable disposable vapes.

The ELFA PRO Kit is also fully rechargeable and fast charging capable thanks to the built-in USB Type-C charging port (USB Type-C Cable Sold Separately), therefore eliminating two disadvantages of using traditional disposable devices:

• Lowering the environmental impact & offering increased sustainability due to the generation of less waste.

• Saving you money in-the-long-run by reusing a device with a battery cell.

You can expect the Tappo kit’s internal battery to last 6 or-so months, as opposed to the 1 or 2 days a disposable vape often lasts. Significantly less waste will be going into landfill as it is just the pod that will be disposed of.

Please Note: This kit DOES NOT come with an included USB Type-C Charging Cable required for charging. If a USB Type-C Cable is required, you can purchase one separately by clicking here.


Fully Rechargeable By Using A USB Type-C Cable
(Sold Seperately)
- 750mah Battery
- 33 flavour options
Pre-filled Pods
- Slim, Lightweight & Compact Design
- More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Disposable Devices
- Less Environmental Impact & More Sustainable
- New QUAQ Mesh Coil Design
- Auto-Inhale (Pull-To-Draw) Activated
- Compatible With Both The Original ELFA & ELFA PRO Pods

1 x Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit
1 x Pre-installed & Pre-filled Tappo Disposable Pod
1 x User Manual

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