Eros USB Charger

Eros USB Charger

Total Price: £3.00

Product Information

For use with our Eros line of ego threaded batteries...

Simple to use with built in charge indicator.

Please Note:  This cable requires a compatible USB wall plug (sold separatly) to function.

Charge Indicator

RED, Battery light ON = Charge cycle started.

GREEN, Battery light ON = Battery approx 50% charged.

GREEN, Battery light OFF = Battery fully charged.

Important Safety Information

Only for use with Eros batteries.

Do not charge batteries longer than needed, do not leave charging overnight.

Never leave unattended whilst charging.

Only use a compatible USB wall plug (maximum 0.5A/5V)

Do not use if the battery, plug or charging cable shows signs of damage or missuse.

Ensure contacts on cable and battery are clean and free from liquid residue before connecting.

Allow adequate ventilation, do not cover or cause the battery to get hot.

Charge batteries on a stable surface.

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