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The eGo-T eCigarette Battery kit is one of the most widely used and enduring starter kits in the world.
The simple yet effective eGo-T style device has been a staple mark of vaping almost since its inception and has pioneered, inspired and almost every vaping device throughout the years thanks to the eGo devices tried and tested simplicity, reliability and now iconic design. 
Available in either 650mAh or & 1100mAh capacity and 5 aesthetically neutral colours of Black, Blue, Purple, Red or Brushed Stainless Silver, the eGo-T Battery delivers compact and consistent performance giving you hours of vaping time in a simple yet effective form factor.
The eGo-T battery range boasts a renowned reliability and incorporates a host of on-board safety features such as coil shortage protection.  All eGo-T batteries are manufactured to the highest possible safety standards and undergo full certification, quality control and rigorous testing before shipping.

  • A Grade A, high-quality 510 pencil-style Electronic Cigarette Battery.
  • Industry-standard & renowned safety features for peace of mind.
  • Fully compatible with the Mirage Eros USB Charger.
  • Compatible with all 510 threaded/eGo style tanks such as the CE4 cartomiser and Aspire CE5-S BVC.
  • Compact form-factor & vigorously “tried & tested” reliability.
  • A guarantee against manufacturing faults.**
As the case with all electrical products, lithium-ion batteries are by all regards considered as potentially volatile and hazardous if operated or used incorrectly.
Mirage must insist that all customers adhere to the following safety, device care and battery handling guidelines:

1. Dry & clean-out the inner-thread of your eGo-T battery before charging

Before charging your battery, it is advised to clean the inner threads of your battery before screwing your battery into the Eros USB Charger.
Cleaning the thread of your eGo-T battery removes any build-up of condensation or loose eliquid droplets that may be covering the centre pin of your battery’s 510 connector after use.
Screwing your battery into your charger without cleaning your centre pin first may cause eliquid residue to seep into the thread of your Eros USB charger and cause oxidisation of your charger’s screw thread, seep into the chipset of your charger’s housing which may cause the charger to malfunction or irreparable damage to the unit.
To clean your 510 screw thread and centre pin before charge: Take a soft cotton bud or piece of tissue paper and carefully wipe around the inside and outer threads of your battery in a circular clockwise or counter-clockwise motion a few times to remove any residue or droplets of collected eliquid.
After cleaning your 510 screw threads, look to check and make sure that your centre pin and 510 threads are clean, dry and free of any eliquid that may have been present before screwing your device into your Eros USB charger.
Remember: It might seem like only a few small droplets of condensation, but eliquid can still be conductive and does not mix well with sensitive electrical components.
2. Powering your battery ON & OFF

Most standard electronic cigarette batteries are powered on and turned off with a simplistic “5-click” button click function, this usually consists of making 5 rapid clicks (within 2 seconds or less apart from each button press) of your battery’s fire button. The eGo-T battery operates using the same “5-click” functionality.
From new, your eGo-T battery will be powered off and require either powering on manually or by screwing into a powered-on Eros USB Charger to awaken the battery. It is also wise to power-off your battery before placing into your coat, pocket or bag etc. to prevent accidental firing of your device’s button when not in use, doing so can burn out your coil but will not pose a danger to your persons as the in-built 10-second firing safety cut-off feature will prevent the battery from firing again for another 10 or-so seconds.
3. Charging your eGo-T Battery
Mirage insist that you DO NOT attempt to charge your eGo-T battery using any other branded USB 510 charger or generic 510 charging adapter. Mixing chargers and components from one eCigarette device to another can be potentially hazardous. Although most 510 threaded USB chargers may look similar, each charger and manufacturer has a different output rating, different safety standards and has optimised and calibrated their specific charger to the unique specification of their batteries.
Using the wrong 510 USB charger with an incorrect battery that is not calibrated for that specific power output could possibly damage the battery cell itself, cause property damage and/or potentially cause the battery itself it to overheat. eGo-T batteries are designed to only be charged exclusively and ONLY with our Ego USB Charger either by way of a UK USB 1A plug or via an in-built 1A maximum output USB port on a device such as a laptop, games console or PC.
Please charge your battery using only a “1 amp” (1.0 A) rated plug when charging via. A wall socket. We also do not recommend the use USB multi-port chargers or USB tower chargers to charge your electronic cigarette batteries as most multi-port tower or block charging units can utilise and output anywhere from 2 amps up to 5+ amps and considerably higher wattage depending on the unit. Higher amp input can potentially damage your battery irreparably or cause your device to cease operation.
To establish and locate the amp rating of your UK USB wall plug, look either on the sides, underside or pin-side facia on your plug itself and you should find the amp rating listed under the “Output” rating as shown in the following example taken from the TECC USB to UK Plug Adaptor:
AC-DC Adapter
Model: APA01E
Input: 100-240v 50/60Hz 100mA
Output: 5.0V= 1000mA (1000mA = 1 AMP or 1.0 A)
Please Note: By not following these recommended guidelines & causing accidental damage caused by the incorrect charging of your device may invalidate your warranty.
Batteries can be damaged by drops, knocks, extreme hot and cold temperatures, exposure to dirt or water. If you know that your battery has been potentially been damaged in anyway, do not use the battery under any circumstances.
4. Charge on a non-flammable surface
When charging a battery, make sure to place your battery away from potential spillages, clutter, by upholstery or at a bedside, young children, pets or any flammable surfaces at all times. We recommend charging on your device on a clear, non-flammable surface in an open space.
5. Never leave your battery charging unattended
We strongly advise that you NEVER leave any type of battery on-charge whilst unattended or away from the immediate vicinity of your device whilst it is on charge.
When you are charging your battery, always be near-by or in the same room as your battery whilst it is on charge. Also, never leave young children with a charging battery whilst unattended.
For a full in-depth start-up guide on how to set up and use your new eGo-T kit or to find tips & tricks for using and maintaining your eGo-T battery, please take a look at our “eGo-T Kit First-Time Setup Guide” by clicking here to visit our Blog. 
** Terms and Conditions apply:  Our guarantee policy can be found in our “Terms and Conditions” and are subject to changes in our “Terms of Service”.

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