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The Aspire BP Replacement Coils are for use with the Aspire BP StikAspire BP60 and Aspire BP80 Kits. The BP Coil Series is avalable for purchase in four variants:

0.17Ohm: Ideal for high-power Sub-Ohm vaping.

O.3Ohm: Perfect for lower-powered Sub-Ohm vaping.

0.6Ohm: Tailor made for stong kicks of Nicotine Salts and Standard 50PG/50PG E-Liquids.

1.0Ohm: Designed for standard vaping of medium to higher strength E-Liquids.


Each coil features a rapid ramp-up time as well as an excellent lifespan thanks to the quality of the organic wicking material used. The Aspire BP Mesh Coils also host a larger surface area to heat your E-Liquid more evenly and at a faster rate, resulting in enhanced flavour and greater cloud production from your favourite E-Liquids.

The 0.6ohm & 1.00Ohm BP coils produce a slightly tighter draw more similar to a conventional vaping or cigarrete-style experence, thus making the 0.6Ohm coil ideal for both MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) as well as DTL (Direct-To-Lung) Sub-Ohm vaping styles.

We recommend pairing the 0.17Ohm & 0.3Ohm BP coils with a Higher-VG E-Liquids as they are a tad too ferocious to be used with thinner, more PG-based E-Liquids and are more suited towards flavour and vapor production.


As with all all coils, please make sure to prime it before use. Pull through the liquid without firing your device and allow the liquid to soak into your coil for 5 to 10 minutes.

0.17 Ohm Wattage Range: 45w - 55w
0.3 Ohm Wattage Range: 30w - 40w
0.6 Ohm Wattage Range: 15w - 25w
1.0 Ohm Wattage Range: 10w - 16w



  • The 1.0Ohm coils are not compatible with the Aspire BP80 Kit.
  • The 0.3Ohm coils are not compatible with the Aspire BP60 Kit.

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