VooPoo PnP X DTL 5ml Replacement Pods (2 Pack)

Total Price: £8.00

The VooPoo PnP X Replaceable Pod Tank is a ground-breaking addition to the world of vaping that promises to enhance your vaping sessions with its state-of-the-art design and versatile features. Tailored for both beginners and connoisseurs, the PnP X Pod Tank is the perfect fusion of convenience and performance, ready to pair with your favourite VooPoo device.

The VooPoo PnP X Pod Tank is meticulously crafted to offer a hassle-free vaping experience. The innovative pod tank features a magnetic suction design for a secure and stable connection, alongside a practical silicone stoppered bottom fill system that reduces the chances of leakage and simplifies the refilling process. The 2ml E-Liquid capacity ensures that you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without constant refills.

Unlock the full potential of your E-Liquids thanks to the PnP X Pod Tank's compatability with VooPoo's new PnP X coil range. Whether you're chasing the perfect mouth-to-lung hit or denser, more flavoursome clouds from a direct-to-lung draw, the PnP X Pod Tank caters to all preferences. The plug-and-play installation of the coils makes swapping them out a breeze, keeping you in the action without fuss.

VooPoo has constructed the PnP X Pod Tank from high-grade materials to ensure it can withstand the rigors of daily use. This dedication to durability not only extends the life of your pod tank but also maintains a consistently pure flavour and vapor production over time.

Replacement pods for:

- Voopoo DRAG S2 Kit
- VooPoo DRAG X2 Kit

- Brand-New For 2024
- Compatible with VooPoo PnP X Series Coils
- Easy Bottom-Filling Rubber Bung
- Push-To-Fit Coil Installation
Designed for DTL & RDTL Vaping
- Pod Capacity - 5ml
- Magnetic Connection
- 1 x VooPoo PnP X DTL 5ml Replacement Pods

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