Why we loved CBD

27th November 2018

Why we loved CBD

Have you heard about CBD oil? Chances are that you may have. CBD oil is made from cannabidiol, which is one of the over 100 cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis. It Is not only known as an oil, which can be ingested, but also as a part of a vape juice, which can be added to your chosen vaper and taken as you would any other vape liquid.

The idea behind CBD is that it delivers many of the therapeutic benefits that you can get from cannabis, however, not only is it legal, but it also does not provide the high that you may associate with cannabis. A win, win situation we think.

But what is so great about CBD oil and CBD vaping juice? What can it do for you? What are the reasons to love it as much as we do?

It helps with pain

One of the best known (and possibly most celebrated) positive side effects of CBD oil is that it is known to have a pain relieving effect. It not only speaks to the receptors within your brain which are responsible for feeling and transmitting pain, it also reduces any inflammation too.

It can stop seizures

Seizures can happen for a multitude of reasons and can be linked to a number of medical conditions and issues. Seizures can be mild, or that can completely take over your life. CBD is known to provide anti-seizure properties, often by regulating the electrical activity with the brain, which is known to cause these seizures.

It can help with anxiety

There are lots of people out there now that are suffering with anxiety on a daily basis. Anxiety can cause a number of health and wellbeing issues and it can be a hard cycle to break. It is relatively new to connect CBD oil and CBD vape juice with being able to help with anxiety and some of the problems that come with this.

It can help you to sleep

A lack of sleep, sleep disturbances and insomnia can have a huge impact on your life. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you get enough sleep on a daily basis. If you have problems with sleeping, such as taking a while to drop off, or waking up throughout the night, then it might be a good idea to try CBD oil or vape juice in order to get that good night's sleep that you are craving.

It is easy to see why we love CBD as much as we do and as time is going by and more people are trying it, more and more is being found out about why this vape juice is something that you absolutely must try. Whether it is to help with pain, help you to get to sleep, or perhaps just curb some anxiety that you may have, we can promise you that this is one vape juice that you will not regret having it in your vape collection.

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