How to clean your vape mod

4th December 2018

How to clean your vape mod
How to Clean and Look After Your Vape Mod
Vape mods are great, aren’t they? However, cleaning your device isn’t always easy. There’s often no pre-set instructions on what to do, which is why a guide would be beneficial. So on that note, let’s get right into cleaning and looking after your mod.
Coil Cleansing and Replacement
Your coils are perhaps the most critical parts of the entire vaping device, and so they need to have great care applied to them. This is the more complicated element, so we’ll tackle it first. There are two types of coil - heads for tanks, and then those parts built for rebuildable mods, which involve you installing them yourself.
A replaceable head has a finite lifespan, but if you take the time to clean it, you may get an extra day or two of use. To do this, soak them in vinegar for a few hours. Then rinse under a tap, followed by another rinse with distilled water. Then, blow into the air holes on the coil to make sure every part of it is cleaned, then allow them to dry.
Rebuildable mods should definitely have their coils cleaned regularly because a dirty coil impacts upon flavour. First of all, remove the wicks. Then, press the fire button a few times to remove leftover liquid, then re-wick the coil.
If that doesn’t help, there is a deep clean method. Remove the wicks, and lightly dry burn the coils. Then remove the atomiser, and place it under running water. Make sure to clean them with either a toothbrush or specialist coil cleaner, then rinse and dry. If this doesn’t work, you may need to consider rebuilding your atomiser!
Cleaning Your Tank
The tank on your mod will undoubtedly need a clean at some point. This can sometimes be solved with just a clean under hot water if the mod isn’t too dirty. To do this, or to clean the tank at all, you have to disassemble it. Make sure that all the parts are removed, and then each piece is carefully run under a tap. Always have a paper towel handy to clean the parts as soon as you’re done.
Of course, there are other rinses that you may need to do. A PG rinse, for example, involves letting your tank sit for an hour or two in propylene glycerol. When it’s done, you just need to stand it up on something like a paper towel and let it dry. This is best used when trying to remove all of the flavour from old liquids, to keep your experience fresh.
There are other kinds of vaping cleaners, but for best results, you’ll want to get your hands on an ultrasound cleaner. These are specialist and have become commonplace for vaping enthusiasts to use. Just fill up the cleaner with water, and you’re good to go.
All in all, cleaning and looking after your vape mod isn’t tricky, but it is perhaps a task you should set aside an evening for. The more you look after your device, the better performance you get, so it’s in your interests to do so.

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