Breakfast is served

26th March 2020

Breakfast is served
For years vape companies have tried to invent new flavour combinations to wow us and tickle out taste buds. This year Mirage will be launching it's brand new Breakfast Range! Everyone loves breakfast and although we could have gone down the cereal route with the likes of Puffs of Sugar, Cocoa Pops, Wheat Of Bix and Crunchy Nuttyness we've opted for something even tastier and our nations favourite morning bites. Introducing the Mirage Breakfast Range.

Double Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bagel
This beautiful vape has a wholesome meaty inhale with a hint of spice and black pepper. When we tested this oringially it was only one sausage but w
hy have one sausage when you can have two so we upped the dose! On the exhale you get the fresh taste of free range eggs with a subtle saltiness under the overarching sweet bready bagel that will make you keep coming back for more. And how can we forget that gooey cheese flavouring. You can basically feel the cheese in every drag you take!

Bacon and Egg with Red Sauce
Who doesn't love bacon? Since late 2019 we've been woring on perfecting our bacon flavour and now we've got it right. Salty, sweet, moist and simply hapiness dancing in your mouth perfectly mixed with our fresh egg flavour. We've added red sauce to the mix to give you that extra hit of sweet tomoatey goodness that compliments the bacon perfectly making every drag a pleasureful experience.

Pancake, Sausage and Maple Syrup 
This is my personal favourite. A buttery inhale with a mix of meaty, sweety goodness. What more can I say?!